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Cuba My Soul

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Duration: 01:01:00
Languaje: Spanish
Category: Documentary
Project Type: Documentary
Synopsis: Some twenty five years after The Buena Vista Social Club, traditional Cuban music lives on, but it's facing a threat from foreign styles and a disinterested youth. We interviewed many of Cuba's best and legendary artists and explored Cuban music, past and present. We invited several of our artists to perform in a live concert which delivered virtuoso performances and a brilliant and captivating soundtrack.

Screenings / Awards:
Melbourne Documentary Film Festival Melbourne July 31, 2022 World Premier Official Selection, Finalist Audience Choice and Best Melbourne Documentary Australia ATOM Awards 2021 Melbourne Finalist Best Arts Documentary Australia San Francisco Latin Film Festival San Francisco October 13, 2022 American Premier Official Selection United States Snowdance Essen January 31, 2023 European Premier Official Selection Germany Valencia July 21, 2023 Spanish Official Selec ton Spain

Submitter Biography:
Born in Melbourne, Craig Miller has held a long time love of Cuban music. After travelling to Havana and taking dance and percussion lessons Craig developed a great appreciation and respect for the incredible diversity and passion of the people and their music. Pedro Pulido has been working in the audiovisual industry for more than 18 years. Part of the prestigious Instituto Cubano de Radio y Televisión since 2000, he has won many awards as a director and has been involved in the co-production of movies, documentaries, videoclips and commercials for Cuban television and for independent labels. Pedro played a major role in the making of this film, through audio recording, interviewing, filming and directing.

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    Craig Miller, Pedro Pulido

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